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Work Hand in hand with you to launch a simple , scalable Salesforce solution.

About Me

My Vision is to lead your organization in implementing a friendly , stable and easy to maintain Salesforce solution.

Prior to establishing Cloudy CRM , I had a wide variety of roles and contributions in the field of information systems.
I experienced the pain points and daily challenges of managing multiple platforms as an Application Manager, Project Manager and Operations Manager.

My Vision is to lead your organization in implementing a friendly , stable and easy to maintain Salesforce solution.

I will walk hand in hand with you in gathering the requirements , designing, and building the optimal solution for your organization.

If you are considering Salesforce for the first time or looking to optimize and expand your existing subscription, I will be happy to talk with you and help you in your journey.

Cloudy CRM Values
My vision is a Simple, straight forward , easy to maintain application. I believe that the solution should be tailored to your organization & unique structure and specific needs, while at the same time it should be scalable and flexible with changing needs.

Tailor-Made to Your Needs with minimal coding - I believe in maximizing the platform capabilities and Best Practices. My team can provide widely developed solutions , which would be well designed only after verifying that we fully used the out of the box , code free solutions.
Your in-house capabilities
The system maintenance should be simple and within your ’ in-house capabilities . My team will Train you to become an independent admin and own your Salesforce.


Why Cloudy CRM

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Cloudy CRM is me

When you choose Cloudy CRM , you get me as the Architect ,
Designer and the Manager of the team (Implementers &  Developers).

Value Driven

My team strives to create real, effective business value.
We will work hand in hand with you , to plan, execute, and deliver a solution that leads to
your business' success.

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Focus on Processes

When approaching a project I take a deep dive into your business in order to fully understand the processes and needs. My complete analysis of your business processes, gap analysis and where you want to take your sales and service operations, allows me to identify just the right level of
customization required.

Simple and fun

Your Salesforce can be simple, easy, and fun to maintain. I will guide you in building scalable , flexible, and straightforward processes in your platform.

Small Meeting
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Analysis and KPIs from day 1

The objectives and business goals are integrated in the design to ensure management efficiency and a great visibility of the KPIs.

Agile , multi feedback building cycles

My approach is opposite to the “Waterfall”. You will be involved and exposed to the system as much as possible. From my experience , sharing and transparency are the key factors to a strong engagement. I believe that partnership based on trust, transparency, and constant communication is the key to success.

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Successful implementation

While going live is always exciting , the user adoption is the
real mission.


I will plan with you a successful implementation, as well as train and support you to be independent in managing your Salesforce.




Interesting Projects

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Flexible approval flow in a complex environment.


Combine between new Properties qualification and multi target opportunities.

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From Selling to Effective product management and field Service.

Interesting Project

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