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Interesting Projects

Taboola - Flexible approval flow in a complex environment

The finance department was facing a challenge in managing a process of Credit approvals initiated by hundreds of Account Managers in multiple regions.

We customized an approval flow, based on an approval hierarchy that is managed by Finance Operations. This allows a dynamic approach and flexibility in changing the approvers and thresholds.


​Selina - Combine between new Properties qualification and multi target opportunities.

Prior to contacting Cloudy CRM , Selina used legacy systems with no CRM integration that were not able to support the growing number of Selina’s in the world.

Selina’s Salesforce platform now manages the end- to-end process of property qualification involving households , investors and operations to acquisition and project management.


Galaxy aesthetics - From Selling to Effective product management and field Service.

Prior to the Salesforce project, Galaxy worked on separate platforms for Sales, Support, Finance, Products without a 360 view of the customer.

The project covered the customer journey from the initial sale, through training, installation, support, field service, and the required back office processes to support this journey.

Galaxy aesthetics
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